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Daily Psalm – a new feature

Monday, January 4th, 2010

According to tradition, a number of psalms are read each day of the lunar calendar. They are meant to be mulled over, studied, digested throughout the day.

Some time ago I began incorporating them into my morning davvening, and I what I have come to expect is that some little tidbit will leap out at me in one of those "Aha!" moments.

While I will strive to post those updates here each day, I know that there will be days I do not post – even beyond those of Shabbas, when I stay "off the grid." On those days I post I will also do my best to share my thoughts or interpretation of said snippet, but sometimes it may not be the right thing for me to do, and so I won’t.

For the curious, I use Robert Alter’s translation, The Book of Psalms, which is not always as poetic as some others, but I find is ideal for study.

May you be blessed with shalom as you immerse yourself in these words…

Secular Lunar Psalms
4 Jan 10 18 Tevet 88-89
5 Jan 10 19 Tevet 90-96

Happy the people that know the horn’s blast.
   O Lord, the walk in the light of Your presence.
In Your name they exult all day long,
   and through Your bounty they loom high.
                  Psalm 89:16-17

While this could be read as being very particularistic, I choose to read it a bit more universally. Indeed, even for we Jews there are so many who don’t know the horn’s blast! For me, this is a reminder to wake up and get to know that call, that call that can resonate so deeply within. Knowing that blast, giving it access to our souls, allows us to arise and rejoice. Attention!!