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Psalm for 19 Tevet

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Let the heavens rejoice and the earth exult,
         let the sea and all its fullness thunder.
Psalm 96:11

How magnificent to imagine all of creation rejoicing! My mind can barely contain the image… perhaps because it is not intended for the mind…

And now, for a more carefully considered plan regarding these daily Psalms.

Upon the sterling advice of a dear friend and treasured sage, I will not be interpreting Psalms on a daily basis. Instead, I will set the pace a little more judiciously: I will provide the schedule (or is it pschedule?) for each week in advance, and tweet/facebook status the verse that moves me. Then, I will pick one of those and reflect on it in the following week. This should help keep the volume of reading down for you all, and allow me a better chance of living up to my commitment.

How wonderful is the wisdom of friends!

Day Secular Lunar Psalms
Tue 5 Jan 10 19 Tevet 90-96
Wed 6 Jan 10 20 Tevet 97-103
Thu 7 Jan 10 21 Tevet 104-105
Fri 8 Jan 10 22 Tevet 106-107
Sat 9 Jan 10 23 Tevet 108-112