We’re in India!

Originally posted: 2006-02-19 10:31:54

Greetings to everyone from Udaipur, Rajasthan, India!

We arrived in New Delhi late Saturday night, spent a few hours in an airport hotel, and then (by the skin of our teeth) flew into Udaipur with our dear friends Donna and Phil early Sunday morning to reunite with Rachel!

Our exit from Syracuse – via rented van to Newark – was a presage of things to come: we endured power outages and 70 mph winds to battle our way down to New Joisey, arriving within a comfortable window to make our flight to New Delhi. After fourteen hours (with no stops!) we arrived, tired but excited, in India, where we were whisked from the international airport to the domestic airport in a heavily-guarded bus (complete with ouzi-equipped military personnel) that would have done Humphrey Bogart proud.

The next morning (beginning at 4am) we encountered a dozen new ethnicities in the domestic airport, along with the Indian flavor of bureaucracy. Fortunately, we managed our way through it just in time to be the last ones on the flight to Udaipur – they had to hold the flight for us! But a scant two hours later we were debarking into the pleasant warmth of “India’s most romantic city” and the arms of our long-lost daughter.

Today was too full to recount now, some 12 hours later, as sleep knocks insistently at the door. Suffice it to say that we have experienced sights, sounds and smells entirely new to us, and that there will be many stories for many years to come out of this brief eternity of a half day.

Tomorrow we go out “into the field” to see where Rachel’s efforts are set to practice, and then the next day we depart for Nepal and, yes Virginia, Kathmandu.

A travelogue will follow, I promise. Illustrated with plentiful pictures and videos. But first, there must be sleep.

Look back soon for more updates.

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