Originally posted: 2006-02-22 09:53:43

Here we are in Nepal – in Kathmandu, or Kantipur (Beautiful City) as it is traditionally known.

We spent today travelling around the capital city and its nearby environs, visiting two Stupas (the Monkey Stupa and the largest stupa in the world), the crematorium, and the palace square. Tomorrow morning we board a 7am flight for – hold your collective breaths – a chartered flight around Everest that will bring us to within 4,000 feet of the peak! We will also visit two of the three traditional capitals of Nepal, trek through the valley along one of the ridges, visit a local Newari village, and generally continue the week of a lifetime.

There really is too much to tell at this late hour and with this exhausted but exuberant spirit. There will be many times later to share our brief viewing of the Living Goddess, locked in her “castle” until she attains puberty; the many myths/histories of how Hinduism and Buddhism intertwine in this self-named “melting pot” at the roof of the world, and of heavenly dishes prepared for us in the “Typical Nepali Kitchen.” And don’t even get me started on being approached on the street by a band of Israelis who were looking for the Chabad House!

We love you all and send you wishes for great love and peace from this amazing world. A world I am convinced I will visit again – and again…

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