Big Fish

Originally Posted: 2004-07-16 10:19:38

I just saw Big Fish (see the flick’s home page), and loved it. Tim Burton has outdone himself!

I don’t want to gush overly, but I loved this movie. No, it’s not right up there with Casablanca, but yes, it is beautiful. And I’m not just referring to the visuals – as stunning as they are. I’m referring to the fact that the message is delivered so clearly, with just the right measure of humor, poignancy, and surprise. No big surprise here: the son learns that his father was more and less than he hoped for, and that his dad’s tall tales weren’t purely fiction. But more importantly, the message that the stories we tell speak truths about us, even (especially?) when they are fiction, rings loud and true.

Well worth seeing, especially on the Big Screen.

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