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The Maggidut of Listening

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

We had an interesting session at Vital Conversations last night; the guest spoke about his wrestling with his faith, and how when he finally was ready to truly doubt he finally began to really live.

He is, amongst other things, a professional counselor, and so some of the conversation turned to what is required to build trust, love and relationship between people; truly listening was the obvious foundation.

So what does listening have to do with maggidut – often thought of inspirational telling?


Studying Scripture – an Interfaith Dialogue

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Come to Bet Havarim’s Shabbat services this Friday evening (November 21) for a unique chance to share in an interfaith dialogue regarding the week’s portion, Chaye Sarah (the life of Sarah).

This month’s service will be hosted by the Rev. William Redfield, and members of the congregation of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fayetteville at 7:30 pm. Hanita Blair, Bet Havarim’s Cantorial Soloist will lead the service and will be assisted by members of BH’s Shabbat committee. Joining in the service will be Guest Speaker, Jim Brulé and Rev. Redfield who will discuss that week’s Torah Portion from the perspective of the Jewish and Christian Faiths, respectively. “Both Jim Brulé and Rev. Redfield have spoken at past BH services and having them speak jointly will be something that everyone attending will truly enjoy,” said Mel Shindler, chair of Bet Havarim’s Shabbat Committee. He added, “We know that speaking about the Torah portion from their individual faiths will be something we have never previously experienced and are truly looking forward to the experience.”

Trinity Episcopal Church is located at the corner of East Genesee and Chapel Streets in Fayetteville, across from Hullar’s Restaurant. The November 21st Shabbat service will be conducted in the church’s social hall and the entrance is at 106 Chapel Street. Off-street parking is available directly across from the Chapel Street church entrance and the social hall entrance is handicapped accessible. For further information visit the BH website.

Jewish Perspectives on the Iraq War

Friday, March 14th, 2008

On Wednesday, April 9, at 7pm, the Social Action Committees of Temple Society of Concord and Congregation Beth Sholom-Chevra Shas will present a panel discussion on the Iraq War titled “Multiple Perspectives on the Iraq War.” This will be the second program in a series looking at Jewish views on warfare in general and the Iraq War in particular.

For this event, the organizers have sought to assemble a panel that can offer both varied and balanced informed opinions on the war and engage members of the audience in discussion. The participants will include Capt. Michael Milliron, Rabbi Daniel Jezer, Professor John Burdick, and Lt.Col. Bruce Fein. Efforts are still underway to possibly include one additional Iraq War veteran.

The moderator for the panel program will be Jim Brulé, Rabbinic Aide at TSOC, who, when asked to explain the program, said, “This will be an opportunity to take the laws we learned about in the first program (Rabbi David Levy’s thought-provoking March 12 presentation), and apply them to the current conflict in Iraq. We will seek out what is relevant to Halacha (religious law) from a sufficiently diverse set of informed sources so as to be able to have a measured application of Halacha to the conflict.”

Brulé also anticipates “that the audience will be drawn into a dialogue with our guest panelists that will be explicitly Jewish in nature as we try to understand what ‘facts’ about the conflict there are that will shed light on its Halachic status.”