New Beginnings

Ten years ago, after returning from a vacation for my birthday, I was let go by the company I helped start ten years before that. In the intervening ten years, I’ve learned a lot about the healthcare industry, and have seen my career move forward quite nicely.

Now, ten years after that last dismissal, history has repeated itself, albeit without the benefit of a vacation! So I am embarked on yet another new beginning, where the paths are varied and not entirely clear.

I’ve grown a lot in the last decade, particularly Jewishly. I know that my real desire pulls me to work in that world, but this may or may not be the right decade for it.

So think of us, pray for us, and if you’re struck by an idea as to where I might find an opportunity – particularly within the Jewish world! – please let me know.

Yesterday, I told one of my favorite stories at the Christian Science Reading Room: the story of Simcha Bunim who, when faced with financial ruin, trusted that something better was on its way. When at the last moment a philanthropist offered him a job, he turned it down, and instead proposed that she take him on as an equal partner. She appreciated his hutzpah and took him on and, of course, the story ends happily. When asked by his Rebbe why he took such a chance, Bunim replied: “I knew the gates of heaven were opening; I thought I might be able to open them a little wider.”

May it be so for all of us.


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